James Defalco is a talented writer, producer, director, actor who has over seven years of production experience. He graduated Five Towns College in 2010 with a Bachelors Degree in Film and Television Production. Since then he has held many different jobs in the film and production field. He has worked for such musical acts as Madonna, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, and Nikki Minaj, and countless others. He has worked for such venues as, Nassau Coliseum, Jones Beach Theater and The Paramount Theater in Huntington New York.

In 2016 He wrote, produced, directed and starred in his first feature film; Long Island Love Story. It was made in eleven days with a budget of $6,000. The film went on to win 'Best Feature Film' at the 2017 Movies4Movies Film Festival and was accepted to the 2017 Long Island Film Festival. 


He produced, and directed Long Island Love Story with about eight months of pre-production, where he did everything, and filmed it in eleven days with a budget of only $6,000. He was the entire production team where he managed casting, scheduling, location scouting, set dressing, equipment procurement, budgeting, transportation & lodging, craft services. He was never over budget or behind schedule on any of the eleven days of filming. He also acted in the project as well. 

After completing Long Island Love Story, James wrote, produced, and directed a short film called  'Acoustic Kitty' It is a dark comedy that satirizes the government, similar in tone to Dr. Strangelove.

James has kept the momentum going in 2018; he has written, produced, edited and directed three short films; 'All In', 'Procrastination', and 'Thornhill'.  He has a keen eye for talent, and knows how to cast the best actors for the part. He has worked on productions with no budget as well as productions with multi-million dollar budgets. 


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Production Photos

Working a concert in 2011. Operating a RED ONE camera

Shooting B-Roll in Montauk for Long Island Love Story - 2016

Discussing 'Long Island Love Story' at the Movies4Movies Film Festival - 2017

Working a concert in 2011. Operating a RED ONE camera