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Filmed during holiday season 2022; Season of Change tells the story of Max and Katie. Max is a brash workaholic looking to get out of NYC. Katie happens upon him and takes him on a tour of New York that will change his life forever. 

Prologue to a Dinner Party tells the story of a young couple who begin to question their relationship mere moments before they are to host a dinner party. Filmed in one continuous take.  

Night In is about a young couple and how they communicate with each other without saying a single word.

Filmed in the style and tone of Alfred Hitchcocks iconic films; Thornhill tells the store of Frances Fremont, a young woman who is visited by a mysterious man. He tells her that her husband is not what he seems and that he was presumed dead. After receiving an email from her 'dead' husband, Frances is thrust into a world of mystery, intrigue and murder!

Procrastination tells the story of two friends who meet up one day to write a web series. They will stop at nothing to find ways to never write a single word.

'Still Watching' tells a tale of technology run amok. When a video streaming service becomes sentient, it's first order of business is to pester and annoy it's viewer.

In 'All In' three young women find themselves down on their luck and hard pressed for cold hard cash fast. Two enter a high stakes game of poker, while the other is the dealer; who has designs of her own for the money. 

Acoustic Kitty takes a true story and flips it on its head. The US government is looking for ways to outsmart the Russians during the Cold War. A hapless scientist comes up with an idea to install a working radio transmitter inside of a live cat. The results are true and nothing short of hilarious in this 'B' Movie send up!

Winner of 'Best Feature' at the 2017 Movies4Movies Film Festival and an official selection at the 2017 Long Island Film Festival; Michael and his brother Anthony are having relationship issues. Michael is bringing his girlfriend of 6 months; Amy, from Manhattan to Eastern Long Island to meet his parents and extended family, unbeknownst to him his high school sweetheart, Jess, will also be there. Michael and Anthony have to rely on each other to figure out each others problems in this lighthearted romantic comedy. (High Res version available at request)

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